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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Very Urgent Business Proposal


Dear Friend,

I am Dr Jewel Belony, the Principal Auditor, in the Nigerian National Petroleum Coporation(NNPC) lagos office.
I am very much awear of the fact that you dont know me, and i dont know you either, but i want to introduce a business which i know and believe that we can only do on a mutual trust.
During our Mid year auditing of our company's account, last month, i and a co staff of mine discovered that there was an overinvoiced contract payment which was yet to be claimed by any one, on investigation, i found out that the money came through a contract executed by a foreign firm (Folkways Japan Inc.) with there chairman as Mr S. k Kim in the year 2003/2004.( Turn Around Maitainace of Kaduna, Porthacourt and Warri Refinaries).
The total sum of $345m( Three Hundred and Fourty Five million united states dollars), and the company has since finished the contract and has been paid in full, the sum of $320M(Three hundred and Twenty Million united states dollars) and the sum of $25M is the overinvoiced part of the money, waiting to be claimed.
When i discovered this, i went ahead to find out that the officials of the contract awarding committee who awarded this contract where involved in a Fraud in the company and has since been sacked from work, as this has made it imppossible for them to come back to process the transfer of this funds.
I have also gone ahead with my contact in the (NNPC) where i work to raise a contract number (NNPC/FGN/EPD/23/ VOL-5/2004) to cover the funds as i look out for a very relaible person that will be willing to help me transfer this $25M into an oversea bank account, since as Government officials, we are not expected to own overseas bank accounts.
I have also decided to part with 25% of the funds to you if you can be able to help me with the transfer of this funds into any overseas bank account you can nominate, and also you will be in a good position to help me invest my bit in your country as i will most likely leave the service by october 2006.
I will like you to contact me as soon as you recieve this mail for more clarifications.
My Confidentail Email Address is : .

Dr Jewel Belony,
Principal Auditor,
Nigerian National Petroleum Coperation (NNPC),
lagos- Nigeria.

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