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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Need your help in Lebanon

From: Mrs Fazia Durriyah Rasheed -

Al salaam,

I am Mrs Faziz Durriyah Rasheed, I am a business woman in Lebanon and Iraq
is where I am from to be precise, due to the problem with my country I have
lost almost Khalid Rasheed was involved in a bomb blast as Israel seems
to be firing missiles into my country.

I am the only wife of my husband and we had no child together, his
business was crippled too in this resent bombardment so there is nothing left
for me to survive on, our house and other properties were destroyed the
Israeli where taking advantages of the civilians in Lebanon.

I went back to my wrecked house to check for some little valuables
like diamonds and gold in my jewel box but non was recovered, I came
across my husband diary and I found out that there is a huge sum of money
(Financial institute) $5.5 million USD in where he kept all
the best sum of money that would give me a new life as soon as Beirut
and Israel settles their conflicts.

I am a newly wedded wife and we performed a traditional wedding which most
court in the Arab world recognizes but there is no document signed in court
that is where I have a problem in claiming my husband money from the
British Security company as they are requesting for the prove andcertified
papers that will make me entitled to his will.

I met a lawyer who promised to assist me but I need someone from abroad
with a valid and reputable account to receive the money as we are going
to get it back through transfer, someone whom the lawyer can arrange to
be my husband's business partner that loan the money to my husband to
start his business.

As soon as all papers are processed by my late husband's lawyer
the whole sum will be sent to you in your home country and you will
then arrange mine for investment purpose and remit some cash to me while
arranging for my meeting with you in the country of your residence
for futher business actions and probably my settling where you deem fit
as i will also like to invest part of it here in Dubai, U.A.E where I am
staying with a friend's family.

Your share of the whole transaction is 25% of the total sum while 5% will
be set as for any expenses you maght incurr at the cause of the
transaction and 5% will be for charity,which will be done as soon as the
funds gets to you, since I have no better chance of getting the money
directly from here.

I don't mean to act in this form but recovering my late husband money by any
means possible is better than allowing the security company to use it for
their own interest. Please do let me know your concern as life in Dubai
is not too simple and easy but it's the place I can still stay for now
until I get my 60% from you.
Thanks and I pray Allah will bless you as you are trying to assist
me to recover what my late husband had suffered to get.

You will reach me with this email address,

Mrs Fazia Durriyah Rasheed