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Sunday, October 15, 2006


From: Mrs. Mariam Pujeh -

Dear Friend,

I am Mrs. Mariam Pujeh from SEIRRA LEONE, I am contacting you from the
refugee camp here in Barcelona Spain, I got your contact in a search for a
trust worthy person that will assist me and my children to invest my family

I am the second wife of King Kabal Pujeh. the former Managing Director
General of sierra Leone Diamond Milling Corporation. During the former
regime in my country. My late husband was killed during the war in my
country by the rebels due to he was to contest for the presidential election
in my country. After the death of my husband I took my two children to
escape to Spain to meet with my late husband’s friend, on getting to Spain
to find out that my late husbands friend is now late.
I decided to seek for asylum refugee here in Spain. at this moment I am in
the refugee camp with my children.

I wish to know if you can assist us to invest the money we inherited from
my late husband. My husband deposited the sum of $18.000,000,00. (
eighteen million dollars) with some diamonds. In a Finance Security Company
here in Spain. As family treasure which he used my first sons name makoba
pujeh as the next of kin to this family deposit.

Before the death of my husband he told me in secret were he kept the
documents which he used in making this deposit in a security company in
Spain, he warned me never to allow the first wife Mrs. Enid Pujeh to know
about this deposit because she will want to take it away from us. He told me
that he used my own first sons name as the next of kin to this deposit, he
told me that incase any thing happens to him in this election that I should
go with my son to claim this deposit and invest it out side sierra Leone for
our own use. We have contacted the finance security company to confirm the
existence of this deposit.

We wish to solicit for your assistance to help us come over to your country
and to invest this our inheritance. We have no intention of settling down
here in this country due to they don’t speak English here and it will take
us time to understand this country moreover my children said that they want
us to settle some where better, this is the reason why we have decided to
contact you for your assistance and help. I and my children are in need of
a God fearing person who will assist us to invest this our inheritance,.

Actually I do not want involvement of any body from Our country because of
our safety, due to. They will want to take the money away from us even kill
us I have all the documents which my husband use in making this deposit.

As soon as I hear from you I will give you more details and direct you on
how to receive this money for our investments. After that I will like you
to make arrangement for me and my children to come over to your country to
reside. I and my son have decided to give to You 20 percent of the total
sum for the assistance you are rendering to us.
Please let me Know if you are interested to assist us. So that we can start
making arrangements on how to come over your country. Thank you I wait to
hear from you.

Best Regards,.
Mrs. mariam Pujeh.

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