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Sunday, October 15, 2006


From: beartrice williams -


Greetings, With due respect, trust and humility, I use this medium to write this letter to you irrespective of the fact that you do not know me but please do consider this letter as a request from a widow in dare need of your assistance . Let me formerly introduce myself to you; I am Mrs.BEATRICE WILLIAMS wife of late Sir ANDREW WILLIAMS the renowned Zimbabwean Wine and Cattle Ranch farmer. I got your contact email address when I was seaching for trust worthy individual or company from internert electronic seach machine which says that you have no criminal record in your country . So base on this information ,makes me to send this mail to you why beacuse I need a reliable someone who can render me assistance with trust and honest . I am saying this beacuse I dont need a person who will eat my money when helping me to move this money out from here to your country for my investment.

During the war waged against the white farmers in Zimbabwe by the supporters and political collegues of President Robert Mugabe whom planned and claimed all the white owned farms in our country, my late husband belonged to one of the classes of farmers targeted by President Robert Mugabes political owns part known as ZANU- PF armed group because he did not support their ideas and policies. In the course of the revolution in the year 2002 in our country, the same Mugabes political armed group (ZANU-PF ) attacked us and invaded my husband's farms, burned, destroyed and eventually killed my beloved husband Andrew my husband's death that last year, I managed to escape to the boundaries of Zimbabwe into south africa with my only survived son - Chalabi Williamsr lives were threatened and Zimbabwe was no longer safe for us to stay anymore.

Prior to my husband's untimely death, he earlier informed me of two big trunk boxes which contains Fourty-eight million US dollars(US$48,000,000.00) cash, and important documents of our valuables properties which he deposited in a Security company for our self keeping through the assistance of his good friend who is a banker ,working with the bank security company here in south africa. He deposited this money in the name of my son chalabi. Presently now, I and my son chalabi. are residing temporarily in south africa as political assylum seeker / refugees since that last year till now.

At this moment now, I am in a dilema on how to move this money out from here to your country why beacuse ZImbawe is so closer to South africa here and his politcal groups normaly comes to South africa atimes. So beacuse of this , I have spoke to my late husband's friend - who resides in south africa as a banker and he assurred me that the safest way to move this money out from here to a country of choice for investments for my son is for someone whom I trust or no from outside South Africa, to come to south africa and open an investment account in his or her name with the bank security company where this money were deposited for onward transfer to whatever account I may want this money to be transfered now.

.So I want to investment this money in your country where I know that my investment for my son Chalabi will be selved and In recognition of investment opportunities that abound in your country, I decided to solicit for your assistance in moving this money out from south africa here to your country pending my future arrival with my son for investments with my God gifted son CHalabi.I have resolved to any risk you may think of when you comes to south africa for the purpose of this transaction by help of a lawyer and I have in mind to compansate you adequately if you can assist me with truth ,honest and transperancy. I will also establish a good business and friendly relationship with you and your family in the near future if you are able to help us truth.I will like you to mention the percentage you are going to take after you might have helped me to transfer this money out from here ,to aviod misunderstaning after this money might have transfered to your personal
account in your country please.

Please let me recieve your approval or reply through my mail or personal details for easy communication on how both of us will transfered this money out from here to your country , through your personal account . You are also free to ask questions you may consider relevant. If you will not be able to assist us, Please be kindly notify me so that I can look for another suitable person alternative. Accept my warm compliments, as I earnestly await your urgent response. May almighty God bless you and your family.
Best Regards,
Branforetien south Africa.

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