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Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Offer

From: Desmond -

TEL:+27 73 66 66 958

Compliments of the day,I introduce myself as Mr.Desmond Nyati an External auditor attached to the Financial Services Board of South-Africa presently Auditing PENSION FUND ACCOUNTS lying Dormant for almost 6 years.Presently,the Pension funds Adjudicator under the Financial Services Board in April 2006 directed all outstanding pension fund Claims amounting to be pa out, I am aware of a Claim that is awaiting to be pa out belonging to an Expatriate American Citizen by name of Mr. Morris Thompson who passed away in the Air Crash of Alaska Airlines, please refer to website You shall read more about the crash on visiting this site which I got during my investigation; and

He has a Deposit of US$8.2 Million in a Pension Funds deposited in a Bank here in South-Africa.

This Man's name is Mr.Morris Thompson and since he pased away several notifications had been sent to his Address unfortunately after extensive investigations,it has been discovered that he passed away in the Plane Crash and this fund has matured for a Payout but there is nobody to claim this is why I am inviting you to come forward as the Beneficiary .There is no risk in this transaction, I am prepared to share this payout into Half with you if you agree to Apply for the Claim however I will like you to show interest because of the Following reasons;

[1] There is No Risk
[2] As a Foreigner,you are in a good position to be pa based on the guance I will prove to you.
[3] The Payout can only be made to an Overseas Beneficiary.
[4] I am offering 50% of this money
[5] The Documents will put you in place as a Relative of this Man

If You show Interest please prove me with your Telephone and Fax numbers in your Reply or you can call me on +27 78 259 5150.I await your Urgent Reply.Thank you and Best Regards.

Mr.Desmond Nyati
TEL:+27 73 66 66 958