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Sunday, October 15, 2006


From: MR Philip Karl -

For Your Attention Only,

This Letter Was First Sent To You Via Post Mail Two Months Ago, But Uptill Now, I Have Not Heard From You. Based On This, I Decided To Reach You Through This Means. Though,I Know For Security Reasons, This Is Not The Safest Means To Reach You, But Was Left With No Other Viable Option Since There Is The Pressing Need To Reach You. I Am Quite Sure That This Mail Will Surprise You Since I Have Not Been Having Previous Correspondences With You.

My Name Is Philip Karl (Mr), The Auditting accounting And Verrification Maneger In One Of The Prime Bank Here In Dakar Senegal. I Have A Good Business Proposition For You Which I Know That, By The Special Grace Of God Will Be Beneficial To You.Firstly Before I Proceed, I Have To Assure You That This Mail Is Neither Junk, Illusion Nor Mere Imagination, But Practically Achievable If Given Your Maximum Support And Cooperation.

In June 1994, Mr.Paul Anderson An American Civil Engineer With The Senegales Institute Of Steel Construction, (Sisco) Deposited The Sum Of ($26.2) Million Us Dollars With Our Bank On A Three Year Fixed Deposit Basis. With His Son Mr Greg Anderson Registered As The Next Of Kin / Beneficiary To The Account. After The Three Years Expired, Mr.Paul Anderson Was Not Seen Nor Heard From Even The Son Who Is The Beneficiary,Nothing Was Heard From Him .So I Decided To Roll It Over. Since Then It Has Been Rolling Over. I Have Sent Mails, Faxes To His Numbers And Addresses Given Still No Response. I Was Forced To Contact The (Sisco)He Has Been Working With But Was Surprised To Hear That He And The Son Died In An Auto Crash Just A Year After He Deposited The Money With Us. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

The Senegales Law States That, In Cases Like This, The Money Should Be Returned To The Government Account. I Am Seriously Against Returning This Old Mans Sweat To The Government Account, Because One Of The Officials Will Use biro to Steal This Money From The Govt Account,So I have Decided To Divert This Money To My Own Private Use.

I Am Writing You To Assist Me In Safekeeping Of This Money As Well As For Investment Purposes. You Are To Take 20% Of The Total Sum For Your Assistance, 5% will be mapped out for any expenses that we may incurred during this transaction, while The Remaining Will Be For my Investment in your Country. On Receipt Of Your Acceptance Letter, A Mutual Agreement will be Reached Between Us, I Will Send To You All The Vital Documents Relevant To This Transaction To Enable You Claim The Consignment Of Money On Delivery.

Anticipating Your Urgent And Favourable Response To This Business Proposition.

Best Regards,
MR.Philip Karl