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Sunday, October 15, 2006


From: lizzy brown -

Miss Lizzy Brown (Nurse),
f123 - Novou
Cote D'Ivoire


Please do not be surprised by this innocent email which I am writing to you.
I say this because we have never met in life for once since we(both of us)
began existence in our different continents on this earth planet.
I make haste to introduce myself to you. I am as above designated-anurse
in one of the hospitals here in my country, Abidjan, Cote'Ivoire and you have
my name as Lizzy Brown
On your own part, I know, you can't so quickly introduce yourself to me just
as I have done since I got your contact from international web directory. It is for this reason I
said in the beginning of this email that you should not be surprised by this

This email is prompted by the fact that a patient here under my care, one
Mrs. Regina Amos, who suffers from cirrohsis of the liver and who is on a life
suport apparatus right now confided in me just two weeks ago concerning
the will and testament made by the late husband-Mr. Jonathan Amos.

The terms and condition of the will, she said with difficulty on her part, is
that it is bequated to Charity and that it (the will) should be administered and
executed by a foreigner (according to him ) for want of morality and trust.
She disclosed further that the amount in the will is $6.2m (Six million Two hundred thousand US
Dollars only). Since her disclosure, I have been praying for her and as
well as fasting to come by the right person who, being a foreigner, could
deliver the goods accordingly with a high sense of morality.

As I chanced your email, the spirit of God just stopped me there and I deci-
ded to pick up your email and, by way of assistance, seek your humanitarian
support by nominating an offshore account where to lodge this sum of
money and have it used for the purpose earmarked for it.

While dying, she said, the husband wept and said if only his intentions on the
will would be carried out, that he would be a lot better where he was going.
I was so touched for her!
The most petious aspect is that there would be no survivors after them-what
a pity! Please if you are inclined to be in agreement with what has been
stated in the body of this email, please contact me with the above email. or

I am doing this for her as a humanitarian contribution to her condition and I
hope you will tow the same line.


God bless

Lizzy Brown(Nurse).

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