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Saturday, October 21, 2006

PLS YOUR HELP(pls do not delete

From: aisha kader -

Mrs Aisha Kader,
Writing From Cotonou,
West Africa.

Hello Dear Friend,

I am Madam Kader a serrie-loene nationality writing you from Cotonou, I
beleive by God grace I got your contact in confidence After asking for God's
directions, Despart I never disclose why I needed your contact to any body,I
wish to know if you can assist us in moving and handling both our fund of
US$10 million (Ten million dollars)and (250kg of gold dust) in investment.

Presently the fund and gold is still in the Secure Trust Company, where my
late husband deposited it for safe keeping and my husband never disclose the
conent to the company he only declear it as "family treasure"So the company
do not know the content to be money.

Since you are involved in assiciated business, I and my son will love if we
will invest our fund in your line of business.And help look for buyer of
gold over there, Since we do not want to do anything here in Africa.

I and my son is in need of a God fearing person who will assist us receive
this fund in Aisa, Eruope or America, where we will invest it properly with
the person's advice.
Actually I do not want involovement of any African because of our safty. If
you can assist us recive this fund, kindly send to me your phone number,
address of where you want us to cargo the box. Once I see that you are
interested, I shall advise so that the box containg the fund will be cargoed
to you without any delay after you signed the aggreement which my lawyer
will prepare.

Because we want to finalise this in five or six day from today.

Let me know you are interested to assist us so that I will send to you phone
number of my lawyerto enable you to call him and discuss on the persentage
we will offer you.and also send you aggreement for you to sign for our both
trust and confidence.

Hope to receive your reply today.

Please reply to my privacy email address:

Four faithfully,
Mrs. Aisha Kader.

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