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Saturday, October 21, 2006


From: georgebrunos4 -

Chief Inspection Officer.
Achiik security and finance company

Attn:Sir/Madam .

I contact you today for a business proposal, which will go a
long way in creating mutual business relationship between us
now and in future.

My name is Mr. George Brunos, chief inspection and vault
officer of Achiik security and finance company here in Accra
Ghana.During my inspection of consignments which was
deposited for more than 4 years without claims, I found out
during my scanning process that one of the deposited Trunk
boxes in our Vault by a Denmark national Mr. Hanns Joubert
containsUnited states of American dollars, when I went
through the records, I discovered that the declared content
value at $10m.

However, though this Mr. Hanns Joubert is owing our company
for 4 years storage cost, and effort to locate him or his
relations proves negative and very soon, this consignment
will be confiscated by our company. I am humbly writing to
you, so that you can come down and claim this consignment
(money) as his relative so that we can share it.

Remember, I will give/inform to you all the necessary
procedures, which you will use so that this claim will be
made perfectly. After successful claims you shall benefit
40% of the total sum of the money.

Please indicate your willingness to participate in this
transaction to me through my email address above. I will
give you full informations immediately i receive your reply
and your full contact informations. PLEASE SEND ME MAIL TO

Thank for your understanding.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.George Brunos