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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


From: Mrs Grace William -

From Mrs Grace Williams.
Dakar Senegal
West Africa.

Good Day,

I am
pleased to introduce a business opportunity to
you,i hope you will not
be embarrassed receiving this
mail as we have not had previous
correspondences on
this.I decided to contact you based on the clearance
and assurance i got from source that linked me to you.
I hope you will
not impede the trust and confidence I
repose in you.In brief
introduction, I am Mrs.Grace
Williams, an Ivorian National. The wife of
Williams) My husband was a very rich Wood and Cocoa
merchant, based in Abidjan, the economic capital of
Ivory Coast before
he was poisoned to death by his
business associates on one of their
outing to
discussion a business deal.
I had earlier lost my mother in
car crash in the year
2000 along San Pedro Road. Before the death of my
father on September 26th, 2003 in a private hospital
where he has been
admitted. He, my father called me
secretly to his bed side and told me
that he kept a
sum of $8,328,000 ( Eight Million three Hundred and
Twenty Eight Thousand United States Dollars) in a Fix
suspense account
in a Finance House in Europe. that he
uses my names as the next of kin
in the fund.
He also explained to me that it was because of this
that he was poisoned by his business partners
and that I should seek
for a foreign partner in a
country of my choice where I would transfer
this money
and used it for an investment such as (real estate
management or stock market). After my father's death,
I was faced with
many dangers from hostile relatives
and business associates and couple
with the war in my
country between the Government and the rabel.I have
abandoned my country came to Dakar Senegal where I
took refuge at the
Dr. Faye Refugee Camp in Dakar
I succeeded in confirming the
availability of the fund
at the Finance Company in Europe, but my
condition does not allow me to travel and couple that
i do not
know how to handle the money because of my
age.I am appealing to you
to help me and as follows:

Thanking you for your understanding.I look
forward to
your earliest reply to my email.
Please send to me the
1) Telephone number
2)Fax number
2)Age and sex.
4) your
full name
5) House address.

Yours truly
Mrs Grace Williams