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Tuesday, November 07, 2006



This letter might come to you as a surprise as
we have not met before,but I believe that you would be compelled to
help me after going through the contents of this letter. My name is Mr
Richard Duke, a divorcee, I am a Zimbabwean. I am a farmer in
Basically, I was involved in Agricultural production, until
(2003), when the government of Robert Mugabe decided to seize
all farm-
land(s) owned by whites in Zimbabwe (without compensation).
He (Robert
Mugabe) did not stop at that he also went on to expel all
White farmers
in Zimbabwe. He implored the services of his war
veterans to undertake
his seizure. The war veterans have been accused
(correctly) of being
behind the violent occupation of white-owned
commercial farms in which
an estimated 70,000 farm workers have been
displaced. At least, over
hundreds white farmers and black settlers
have been killed since the
farm invasions began in February 2000.
uk/weblog/special/0,10627,536901,00.html} Although
we know that we are
taking a great risk by staying here in Zimbabwe.
At the Moment, our
phone lines are bugged, and all our movements are
being monitored by
Zimbabwea (Robert Mugabes)secret Police. Therefore
email is the safest
means of communication for now. We (White farmers
in zimbabwe) have
taken our case to the United Nations and even with
the threats of
transactions and the subsequent sanctions from the West
against the
Zimbabwean authorities, Robert Mugabe (The president of
Zimbabwe) still
remains adamant. He is insisting that our farm land
(some of which we
bought with our money and most of which We inherited
from our fathers)
belongs to the (his) government of Zimbabwe. Since I
could not keep the
money in Zimbabwe, I used the services of a
Diplomatic Courier Company
to move this money (registered as official
documents) out of Zimbabwe
to Abroad. At present, my money totaling
US$17,750,000. (Seventeen
million, seven hundred and fifty thousand
United States dollars) is in
oversea and hopefully, it would be paid
into an offshore account. Can
you help me? Are you trustworthy? Can
you handle this money? Are you
capable of handling this money? If you
can, please contact me All you
need to do is to claim this money from
the Courier Company. For your
assistance, you will be entitled to 20%
of the total sum. You are also
obliged to help/advise on the proper
and most convenient way of
investing this money in your country,
hopefully, You will consider this
request and respond positively.
Yours sincerely,
Richard Duke