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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

From Miss Vivian

From: vivian Prince -

Good Day,

I am a girl of 21 years old,By name Ms Vivian prince citizen of cote d’
ivoire. I am still a student in one unnivercity in GHANA reading law to be
come a lawyer after graguateing. i have a very bad problem now and that
is why i contact you for urgent asisstance.

I have a young brother and my mother die of (T/B) Tuberculoses some
years back. my father's name is MR LATH PRINCE. my father was a well
known business magnet here in cote d' ivoire. the political crisis here is
becoming uncontrollable, you may have heard about it in the international
media. just recently the election of the country has been cancel because of
some problem that is going on even today.

This is to tell you how my country is now I thank God that i was not at
home when what i am about to tell you happen but is a deep shock to me
and also what i do not think that i can forget so easily.

Is about my father's death my father was murdered in our house here by
unknown people but after a year now i come to realise that it was the
hand work of the great poeple in power master mind the act. so i can not
fight them i leave vengance to God. Now is like my father, know what is
going to happen he call me one day and told me that the has $ 10.2,million
us dollars with a security company here in Abidjan for safe keeping only.
and told me that he use my name as next of kin to that money, but warn me
not to tell any body about this. he told me that he deposited this money as
family valuables in a box.

Now i seek your urgent help to claim this money from the security company
as my late father foreign partner on our behalf, and also to help us come
over to your country to futher our education there. while you will help me
to invest the money in your country since i do not know anything
concerning business.

This business is 100% risk free. And we are to discuss on the
percentage which you are to take from the total money for your urgent
help after comfirming that you
My Private Email Address Is ( asisst in this

Thanks as you reply urgently.
Miss Vivian Prince