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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


From: George Collins -

Dear Friend,

I did not mean to disturb you at all but kindly consider this message,the message could be strange but reality will definitely dawn on you if you pay some attention to it's contents.

I wouldn't have notified you but for the sake of your integrity and goodwill.Please accept my sincere apologies in bringing this message to you,I have to say that I have no intentions of causing you any personal pains or discomfort.I found myself in unwanted situation that I never dream of .

First of all I have to tell you who Am,I am COLLINS MORRIS.the only surviving child to the late Liberia diamond dealer Dr MORRIS Dia.. I have lost my parent. I left liberia to claim $20.5 million dollars secure in one of the security firm outside our country where my father has deposition according to his WILL the deposit is for my future investment as the only child.But unfortunately,on getting to Accra Ghana by road I was attacked and I lost the whole document for the deposit including my travelly papers,that makes me to seek asseylum in Togo as a refegue.But I have tried to get intouch with the firm where the deposition was made we agree that I will get a partner who will stand to deal with the security company since my status here is just as a refugee.

I am presently passing a difficute time here in Togo,although I stay under the united nation as a refuge.I have borne the burden for too long. That is the reason I decided to contact you myself and seek for your attention to stand behalf as partner to claim my inheritant and transfer it to your position,I have decided to reward you with some amount of money for expenses and kindness .

On getting a positive response from you,I will send to you the modalities for processing the necessary information for the Security firm . I also want to find out the kind of investment in your country which you will advise for us to look into,I need your advise.

Yours sincerely,
Collins Morris.