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Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Thank you for your courage and willingness if you would assist me in this project.I cant make out calls due to my to my health as i was adviced by the mediacl expert to stay out of radiations. I decided to choose you for this task after praying for three days and I do hope that you will not betray the trust impose on you.
The money should be used as indicated in my first letter and that is using the money to touch the life of people. Furthermore, I wish to assure you that this transaction is entirely risk free as all modalities will be put in place by my attorney who is based in the United Kingdom where the money is deposited for safekeeping and he will ensure that the money reaches you successfully with out any problem. This is because of the huge amount involved. I checked and discovered that the most appropriate and legal means to go about this transaction is to involve my Attorney, who will have to secure all the necessary documents in your name, in conformity with international monetary transfer policy for a hitch free transfer. He told me he his presently not in the U.K,but promised me that he would do all he can to make sure this last wish is accomplished.
At this juncture all that is required from you is absolute confidentiality, trust and maximum cooperation with my Attorney to enable both of you succeed.
Please you can contact my Attorney and introduce your self as I had already brief him about you, contact him with any of his personal information below.:

NAME: Barr Micheal Isa Wakili

Due to my present condition, I will not be able to speak with you now but go ahead and work with my Attorney. But you can communicate with me also if you need more information by email.Attached is a picture of my present condition.

Always remember me in your prayers.
Thank you and God bless.

Mellisa Jacobson