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Sunday, November 12, 2006

have a good day

From: tonya jbriggs -

My Name is Tonya J. Briggs, i am an American working in the foreign funds department in the central bank here in Lome. i came across some unclaimed funds here belonging to a foreigner who died many years ago. He Had no relatives whatsoever even no next of kin.The total amount is US$11.5 Million Dollars( Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars) Because the funds are still not claimed for. So basically i want to have the funds sent to you, just need you to apply as a distant relative. Because it has been more than six years now and no one has come.The funds is legal because he was an oil contractor before he died. Since i work in the bank i will help you with all the release documents. Just need you to apply. You are taking 50% of the total amount, while you will send me my share. Since the funds will be sent to you i need you to assure me that you can be trusted 100% and that my own share will be sent to me.Can i trust you? Everything must be done with
top secret, this means no one else will be involved. No third parties. 100% confidentiality. Because i know for a fact that the funds will be released and sent to you. If you have any questions or need more details please feel free to send me an email to my private email box so that we can begin with the transfer. Everything will be done in 3-4 bank working days.
Lots of Love

Tonya J. Briggs