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Sunday, November 12, 2006


From: zuma barley -

TELE;+229-9764 6938

Pleasure writing to you at this moment of the day, I am Mr Zuma Barley ,the
director incharge of auditing and accounting Dept. of CONTINENTAL TRUST BANK
BENIN(CTBB) in Cotonou,Benin Republic.I deem it fit to contact you regarding
an inactive/dormant account fund that will benefit both of us at the end, if
parties involved will take restrait and maintain absolute secrecy,honesty
and intergrity.

I got your contact in my search for a reputable and reliable person to
particularly assist me to claim the fund in question.

During auditing, in our bank at the end of last fiscal year, We discovered
the sum of (US$8.1M) eight million one hundred thousand United States
dollars in a dormant account belonging to an international businessman based
here in benin republic who was involved in the December 25th Benin plane
crash. I kept this information(secret) confidential within my jurisdiction
to enable us submit claims and transfer this fund through trustworthy person
whom we shall present to our bank as the bonafide next of kin to the

Our investigations so far clearly reveals that there is no immediate
survivor or even a relation to the deceased and as such,there is no
immediate next of kin for further claims of the deceased fund as we have
long been expecting someone to come forward with an applications.Further
informations /verifications from reliable sources too have confirmed that
the deceased customer supposed next of kin were all in the plane with him
died with him.

This fund is now ready for transfer into a foreign account, whose
owner will be portrayed to our bank as the beneficiary and a next of kin to
the deceased customer. The foreign account owner will impost himself
approprietly as the next of kin to the deceased and respond positively like
a true next of kin who wishes to speed up the release and transfer process
of his inherited fund.Kindly be aware too that if the over-due fund if not
claimed by the end of next quarter, the National Treasury and Bills of Benin
will take over the ownership of the fund in line with the National Edict Act
of 1979. We do not want this to happen as it will not augur to our best
interest, having worked all our lives in the banking sector, that is why I
contacted you for us to do the deal together with absolute confidence, so
that you will be portrayed as the bonafide beneficiary and an immediate next
of kin to the deceased. I will give you further directives, advice and all
needed informations required for this transaction as soon as I receive your
positive response.

Similarly,if you accept to carry out this transaction with us, we have
resolved offering to you 30% of the total sum as commission, extra 10% of
all proceeds to be generated from subsequent profit-viable investments
projects and you will be compensated with an executive office in the
project.The first-phase shall be a five (5) year irrevocable contractual
business partnership.
We will invest 50% of our shares into your firm if you already have one
provided that is profit orientated. 5% of the total fund will be set aside
to re-imburse all expenses incurred in this course of this transaction. This
transfer will automatically be affected within 7 working days.

Be rest assured that with the underground work i have laid so far,that this
transaction carries no risk and no extra burdens on your part, except the
above mentioned nominal roles you are required to fulfill and similarly will
be required to maintain absolute information secrecy throughout the duration
of this transaction,because discussing and exhibiting it with a third party
might jeopardise the entire transaction.

I will give you directives and all needed information as soon as I receive
your positive response.Kindly understand that we could not carry out this
fund-transfer on our own, based on the simple facts that we are civil
servants and presently bank staffs and this office excludes us from
operating foreign accounts,moreover,conducting such magnanimous transaction
from the same place where we belong to/coming from will raise eyebrows on
our side and the truth is that this fund belongs to a foreigner,and as such
demands same as next of kin.

If you are intrested to handle this project,you can reply back to my private
and confidential email address;

I am looking forward to receiving your interesting response on this
project as this will greatly enrich the both of us at the end. please you
are required to reply this message as a matter of neccessity.

Best regards,
TELE;+229-9764 6938