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Sunday, November 12, 2006


From: Prof Ali MAMAN -

From The Desk: Of Prof Ali Mamman
Director General International Remittance /
Foreign Operations.Tel :234-8022-349-400
Email:( )
Co Registration No: 62/00738/06

Date: 10/11/2006


Your Inheritance Fund

This is to notify you that your inheritance fund valid US$10.500,000,00 (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars only) has been gazzerted to be released into your nominated bank account details through telegraphic telex transfer (KTT) by the office of International Remittance Department / Foreign Department.

Meanwhile, a woman forwarded a letter of claims to our office few days ago,she stated that from now henceforth she is your legal representative in connection with your fund.below is her informations:

Name: Janet White
Bank Name:
Citi Bank
Bank Address:Arizona, U.S.A.
Account Number: 6503809428.

We contacted you for your authorisation,are we to effect the payment of this fund into the account details provided by Mrs. White ?,please do reconfirm to our office as a matter of urgency if we are to effect the swift transfer.Because the Federal government will not be held respondsible for any wrong transfer.

If Mrs. janet White is not your representative,you are requested to reconfirm your nominated account details, valid house address and tel / fax no and where you want this fund transfered into,as soon as we recieve the details, your fund will be transfered to you with immediatel effect.

Be informed that we have been given a mandate of seven days by the federal Government to remmit this fund, For more information call: 234-8022-349-400 .

We await your urgent responds to thismail: profalimaman_interremittance


Prof Ali Mamman
International / Remittance
Foreign Operations.

Cc:International Monetary Fund {IMF}
Cc:United Nations Organisation {UN}
Cc:Board of Directors {FP23