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Monday, November 13, 2006



My Dear,
I am Mr.Harry Macdonald,an accountant in one of the banks in
the UK, A domant account of $15 million have been found in our Bank,and
on checking the account i found out that it was last opperated since
1998,ever since nobody has come to activate the account,am contacting
you to come forward as a foreigner and claim the money becuase the
account in which the money was found is a foreign account.I need a
foreigner like you who would act as the owner of the account and help
me transfer this fund into his forreign account.I want you to contact
me immediately so that we can proceed with the process.I wish to
transfer and invest the sum of $15 million overseas and needs somebody
to manage this investment on my behalf. so this project is top secret
and you should not reveal it to anyone.
You should also bear in mind
that your assistance is needed to transfer and secure this fund for the
investment and you are now to stand as the Owner of the that
all the papers needed for the transfer would be in your name.Please
your response is highly needed so as to stop further contact.I hope
this will mark the begining of a good relationship between my family
and your family. Nevertheless if you can't keep and manage this fund
for any reason or not interested, kindly inform me immediately so that
I can start looking for another contact. I would like to have your
private phone and fax numbers for easy communication.
You can contact
me through my more secure email:
Thanks for
your understanding, waiting for your quick response.