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Monday, November 13, 2006

urgent reply

From: philip adike -

Auditing and Accounting Unit,
Payment Reconciliation Department
Power Holding Company of Nigeria

Dear friend,

I am Mr Phillip Adike,one of the senior managers in charge of Auditing
and Accounting section of Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc(PHCN)
and also the head of Auditing and Account's unit of this Company In due
respect and regard, i have decided to contact you on a business
transaction that will be profitable and as well, beneficial to the both
of us and our families also. During our annual investigation and
auditing in this Company where i am currently working as the head of
the Account's section,

my department found out that, a huge sum of money U.S $16m (sixteen
million dollars United States dollars).Which we discovered that is left
unattached to any payment account or beneficiary. The funds in question
is treated as a floating fund surplus which we believe must have been a
result of accounting errors by the previous auditing consultants.
What is needed is a foreigner who will assist in claiming this funds
and transferring it out of Nigeria for investment purpose. All you need
to do now is to open a domiciliary account with a reliable bank here in
Nigeria which is an accredited bank with Power holding Company of
Nigeria Plc(PHCN) in your name as the beneficiary of the funds. If you
are interested in assisting me in actualizing this transaction do get
back to me so that I will direct you on how to open the domiciliary
account and you contact the bank and have the opening account forms
from them. To open up account is free all over the part of the world.

Upon receipt of the completed forms, and the establishment of the
account the funds will be transferred to the said bank account, and
subsequently retransferred to your nominated bank account overseas
You will be entitled to 35% of the total funds once this transaction
is concluded All other necessary information will be sent to you, as
soon as i hear from you Please get back to me on 234 8051305775 or
Email address or

Mr Phillip Adike