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Monday, October 23, 2006



National Inland Revenue commission
Budgeting and Planning Section
Federal Ministry of Finance
Area 1 Garki FCT Abuja - Nigeria
I am senator Musa Gambari, I am writing you this proposal in respect of some
excess revenue collections from the Nigeria National Petroleum corporation
(NNPC) Foreign Crude Sales dept.The source of the excess revenue comes from
crude oil sales and productions, collectable revenues from projects and foreign
exchange rates. I can assure you that the revenue collection data register in my
office is 100% tidy and has no trace.I personally discovered this via a revenue
collection data register in my office during the previous military government
led by Late General Sanni Abacha. The excess funds is amounting to $40M USD
under the custody of Central Bank of Nigeria. Some panels of enquiries was set
up by the government to check this excesses only to submit back report of
credibility and accountability to the President. Therefore,i want you to reason
with me, as i am due for retirement next year after 36 years in active service,
i am appealling to you now to be the beneficiary of this funds so that i can
change the account code into your name within 24hrs of your committment.

Now this funds is lying in a suspence account. But my position in Government
forbids me from operating a foreign account or transfering fund. All the
modalities to make sure that this transaction is successful and hitch free have
been worked out.

Finally, this transfer will only take two weeks to get into your bank
account,including the bank's approval papers. Please keep this proposal to your
self very confidential, and please what is your commission for this project?
Please i need to know so that we can commence as soon as you indicate
interest,and do not forget to send me your personal telephone and fax numbers
including mobile if any for direct communication.

I await your immediate response.
Yours faithfully

Senator Musa Gambari.
Chairman National Inland Revenue Commission
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