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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Payment Delivery Update Western Union Instructions Reply ASAP

From: Warren James -


I have just been informed that payment was sent out to you and should be delivered to your address on file with us today.

I should have sent this earlier but was not informed until i got in from the hospital a moment ago. I do have the tracking number with me now and would send this if you request for it. I would like you to go ahead and cash the check and then send the money as instructed below.

I have also placed below instructions on how the Western Union Transfer should be done. I would like you to go ahead and remove your 10% from the funds received. Then the rest of the funds are to be sent VIA Western union Money Transfer to my supplier ASAP whose name and address you will find below..
NOTE I'd like this Transaction concluded ASAP.
You are to make use of the details above in making the transfer of funds to my supplier ASAP when the check is delivered. I am aware that Western Union would charge a certain fee for the transfer: I would like this fee to be deducted from the amount left (90% being sent) and the rest sent to the name above ASAP.
However, after the transfer of funds is made, Do E-mail me back with the Western Union Information stated below so that I can forward it to the suppliers so as to make it possible for them to have the funds collected:
Receiver's Name and Address: Sender's Name & Address: Amount Sent After The Western Union Charges: Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN #): Text Question and Answer: (Make use of this Question & Answer) Question: Who is the creator? Answer: God
I would like you to follow my instructions. Any questions would be entertained and responded to ASAP
Warren James.
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