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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hello Dear

From: Peter Williams -

Hello Dear,

We have release your package all arrangement is made for your bank draft of $2.5 million

that is on hold by LONDON CUSTOM department so we have

release the package now you contact the origin of the package that is.

Benin republic custom department for them to sign the form release odder,

Here is they information you will use to contact them so do that immediately


Chief controller Dr Emma Emeka,


You have to send them your contact information for them to send the package

to your home address.

Your Full Name,

Home Address.

Your Cell phone Number

Your Country

Please do that immediately because we have release the package odder by London

government to release all the package is on hold in this department


We are sorry for the delay,

Thanks for your understanding

Best Regards


Chief Controller Mr.Charles John