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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A3500000 British Pounds Sterling

From: unopaphotmailfr -

FROM THE DESK OF THE SEC. GEN.United Nations Organization,Geneva, Switzerland.Date: 19-oct-2007

Introducing;Poverty Alleviation Programme(PAP).

RE: £500,000 British Pounds Sterling

Dear Internet User,I, the Secretary General of the United Nations organization, Ban Ki-Moon, has introduced Poverty Alleviation Programme(PAP). This is to mark my 10 months in office.

I, on behalf of the United Nations organization has introduced this poverty eradicating exercise to help the poor in all its member nations.

Your email address has been selected at random out of 100,000 other email addresses. This has marked you a lucky one. The above mentioned amount(£500,000 British Pounds Sterling) will be transferred to you via Automatic transfer Machine cards(ATM Cards). Your ATM cards has been registered and deposited for transfer at the Diplomatic Courier Service Company in the Republic of Benin. You are therefore adviced to contact the office via email for the immediate release of the ATM cards.

Send: 1. Your Full Name; 2. Contact Address (Pls, P.O.Box not required) to:Diplomatic Courier Service Company,106, Rue de Vile, Jericho, Cotonou-Republic of Benin.Tel: +229 98956777Email:

For the quick transfer of the ATM Cards, you will send £500 British Pounds Sterling to the courier service company. This will serve as the tax rate, insurance fee and the mailing fee.

You should also know that this is valid for 14 office working days from the above date. You are therefore adviced to reply immediately you recieve this mail. Moreover, this is a very easy but profitable programme.

Yours in service,Ban Ki-Moon.
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