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Friday, November 03, 2006

Re : Shalom love

From: ravi babu -

church and people church people Orphan Child with

Orphan Child My Church area News Paper clipp

News Paper clipp News Paper clipp News Paper clipp

News Paper clipp

My Dear Beloved Robert in Yeshua,

Shalom! Warmest greetings to you in His most worthy and fair name.
Hope you are fine in health and busy with Ministry work and please be assured that we are all praying God for you and for your untiring services for Him.
I am most pleased to share these lines with you at this moment for your kind information, I am an elder leading the social Activities along with the orphans welfare. Our orphanage tattle is Karra Orphan Home we believe the great wonder of Lord and following after His guidance’s. We have a team and gather to know more about His facts and news .Mostly our area located in Andhra Pradesh South India and all the people along. I have get your address through the Internet and writing this note. I hope you can understand encourage us.
I regret to bring to you kind notice that since last 7 days we getting heavy rains due to cyclonic storm and rain water surrounded our houses including Prayer Hall and congregations, and even people are not allowed to come out, due to heavy downpour day and night as in the days of Novah, thereby people have no work and suffering for food immensely. I therefore request you to kindly pray for these cyclone victims get normal life provided the needy soon.
I send herewith some of the paper clippings and photo pictures , showing the severity of cyclone and the plights of cyclone victims for kind prayer.
We were all praying God for you, for your family and Ministry and request you to continue to pray for us, for our Ministry and for the cyclone victims get normal life soon provided the needy. I also request you to kindly take these matters to all your Church members and request them to pray for these victims.
With much love in Yeshua.
I look to receive your Mail soon.
Yours Brother by grace alone,
Ravi Babu Karra
Friends of Yeshua's Ministry
S T colony
Yazali Post& Village
Kralapalem Mandalam
Guntur Dist
Andhra Pradesh
South india