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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strenght

From: Charles Toure -

Beloved one,

My dear Brother /Sister in christ,Greetings to you in the name of God through our lord jesus christ through whom we have this days Obtain mercy, peace and blessings of God.And may his unchanging love and grace continue to be our lot, Amen.

Please my dear Brother /Sister,try to find a place in your heart to forgive me if this mail is contrary to your expectations .Please do not cast me away as i was laid in the spirit to come to you.(JOHN 6:37)The bible said that out of the aboundant of heart the mouth speaks, i did not intend to cause you any inconviniency but i believed that a problem defined is a problem solved.
I came accross your contact here from Abidjan on my desperate search for a Godly Christain/person who can render help to me.By introduction,I am Mr Charles Toure a sierra Leonean residing here in Abidjan cote d'ivoire.I came to Abidjan last two years with my Father for the safty of our lives having lost my mother and my two sisters during the political crisis in my country.Few monthe ago life became a diffrent thing when i and my father went to Bouake,a city in Cote D'ivoire,occupied by the rebel troops,as we were coming back we were attacked by the rebels who opened up fire on the vehicle that we were in and there my father was killed along many others and i was badly injured and was taken to hospital.
Now as an orphan in the street living only through the grace of God,through people of good will,i am appealing to you to please help me in this my predicament so that i will go for more medical treatment as adviced by the doctor and that will enable me to walk well again,Please Withhold not good from them that it is due,when it is in your hand to do so ,and say not unto your neighbour/Brethren ,Go and come again tomorrow i will give when it is with you.(Proverb 3:27-28) I have been making appeals to people around me and nothing is forth coming as most of them have tried in one way or the other towards me,Please help me as i do not wish to die,I have been going through so many things/stress as a resault of my condition,Hunger,pains and lack of accomodation and i believed that your help will alliviate some of my problems. 'He that had pity on the poor lendeth unto the lord,and that which he hath given shall the lord pay him back'(Proverb;19 vs 17)

Thank you very much and God bless you as i look forward to your positive responds and the good LORD will never allow you and your family to witness what i am going through now in Jesus name.Please nothing is too small and non is too big anything from you will make a diffrence in my life Provided it is from a willing heart.Pleae i will like you to take time and study the following books of the bible.
Below is my contact through which you can send whatever you can and as the lord has laid it in your heart through western union money transfer or money gram.As you render help to me,I pray that the good lord will never allow any devourer to near your dwelling,and he will esterblish the thought of your heart and that which concerneth you God perfect them.And he will enlarge your coast and remember you as he remembered Jabez.

Charles Toure (Reciever)
Destination:Abidjan cote d'ivoire
postal code:00225
Residence:01 Bp 4563 Abidjan 01
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Control number:............
Sender's name:................
Sendre's country:.............

Have a nice day and remain bless.
Charles Toure.