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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wrongful With Holding Your Over Due Payment

From: Zulu Kamara -

Wrongful With Holding Your Over Due Payment
West African Monitoring Institution
Reu 15 Apkapka 8745.
General Zulu Kamara.
Reporting from Benin Republic.

Dear sir /madam,

I resumed duty recently as policy harmonization chairman on public
Debt(West African Monitoring Institution), a committee set up by The WAMI
under the able presidency the purpose of the committee Among other is to
investigate, verify and settle all outstanding debts Owed and Records
before me have revealed that your payment has not Been effected as a
result of official negligence as many abnormalities Had happened in the
Banks where some top official of the apex Banks Collaborate with impostors
who are carrying fake portfolios with Levies misled and misguided about
the position of this fund and having The opportunity to extort money from
you that made it too longer up till Date.

May it interest you to know that your payment has since being?Deposited
with bank of America which in few days, all payment Transaction Will be
concluding according to the agreement and you will receive you're Payment
through a cashier cheque. The cheque will be issued in your name and send
to you from there from the information we received today from the
programming office here in Benin it is mandatory you send $210 for the
Programming of the information in the micro chip compartment of Central
computer as the authorities demand which we described as selective Payment
and transfer will be completed the cashier cheque will reach you Tomorrow
from our paying office in US.Be informing that this is a revalidation
payment $700,000.00.

This office is responsible for the final payment. The consequences of Not
!adhering to this warning would be yours. Kindly forward you're full Name,
telephone and contact address to us. Your payment shall be made As soon as
these information needed from you is submitted through a Wire transfer or
by a certify cashier cheque FROM OUR PAYING OFFICE IN USA.Considering the
circumstances at hand, you are advice not to accept Any E-mail telephone
calls that does not come from this office this Is to forestall new effort
towards a diversion of your payment. Accept Our congratulations in
advance. Contact us at so That we can advice you on
how to send the $210 and for your fund to reach you on time.

Best regards,
General Zulu Kamara Reporting from Benin Republic.