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Wednesday, August 08, 2007




This is for me to make it official if only you will receive this mail as my previous mail to you was returned, because I have waited to receive your mail so that your HSBC CORPORATE VISA CARD will issued to you by our payment council.
The Central Bank of Nigeria in collaboration with HSBC London has concluded to issue
you a CORPORATE VISA CARD where your payment will be uploaded. This will now enable you to either download your payment at any ATM Machine or at your local bank

After the last transfer which our council made to your direct account which you demanded that after our board of payment council decided on the late debit which your fund have accumulated, that we should issue you a CORPORATE VISA CARD of the remaining balance of your fund,.The Visa Card Application Form will be faxed or scanned to you as soon as you confirm your express desire to be payed through this medium . .
What happened?You have delayed coming for this balance of your payment? Well I have left the country for a special course, which is going to take 18 calendar months. If you receive this mail try and contact my secretary because I gave him instructions on what to do.
Below is his name:REV. IFEANYI ALOYSIUS ONUEGBU and email address: I directly instructed him to prepare and deliver your ATM VISA CARD immediately you get in contact with him. I have this done by my self before my sudden travel out of the country.

Email me as soon as you received your HSBC CORPORATE VISA CARD,
because I did my best to see that there is no mistake both in your name and the amount that remained after we have deducted all the charges as we unanimously agreed. So I here by want you to respect the fact that you did not follow the rules and regulations of this paying council. So what you need is to receive the your visa card and use it in any bank of your choice.
Do not be disturbed that I am writing you via email, this is because your fax number in our file here could not go through after several trials, so I decided to write you via electronic mail

We protect our Image.
{Chairman Payment Committee, Office Of the Accountant General of the Federation