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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


From: EngrBeckham Agianpoon -

Good day,This from the desk of Chemical Finance Company Accra Ghana,we arespecialist/cleaning and netting of every categories of fund like defacemoney,security stamp dollar,welt and gummed money,reviving funds texture,bring back dead funds to become alive again as well,However"in view of file we are having 2 consignments here in our companycustody which has been perfectly clean to a spendable fund since we have allthe chemical cargent for purifying as well,In fact your 2 consignment bearing your name has been cleaned to a useablemoney by Chemical Finance Company hence you are ask to come for the claim ofyour money,Please with all indictation"this boxes were brought to our company by ayoung man who came from the refugee camp for some long time ago,but tilltoday he is no were to be found and the whole fund cleaning has beencompleted in this company so the money is now spendable,Though your 2 consignments are contains clean $25 million each,and all content arewell sealed or intact ok,Be advice that on behalf of Chemical Finance Company"you are ask to comefor the claim of your fund as soon as you obtain the DISPATCH ORDER here inour office as we are set to release your fund to you at any time after youobtain this required DISPATCH ORDER,You have the faith that we will have your fund release immediately youobtain the DISPATCH ORDER if you have a trustee here in Accra" you can as well direct him or she tocome and peek up the fund immediately we have your DISPATCH ORDER filenow.Be 100% assured that your finished consignments can be release to yourperson after he or she obtain this DISPATCH ORDER,in a nutshell" i willadvice you to hurry up and come for the claim so that you can have your fundopen and use money as soon as possible.Well don't fail to contact this office now while because the africa fundmonitory commission will be coming for inspection any time from now and idon't want them to see your fund here to avoid further delay ok,Your fund are now clean useable money,so you are to obtain this dispatchORDER here now as to let us have your finished fund release without anydelay.You are to call me upon the reciept of this mail since i am mandatedincharge of release ok,it is certain that you will have handoff money assoon as we release your fund immediately you obtain the DISPATCH ORDERtoday.I look ahead to hear from you,Regards,Eng.Beckham Agianpoon 00233275175835
Chemical Finance Company Accra Gh.
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