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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Strictly confidential Reply soon

From: Dr Mike Gillespie -

I am contacting you as a matter of urgency about a huge transfer of fifteen million pounds. I have only written to seek for your indulgence and assistance. You will be providing a designated bank account of your choice.
My name is Mike Gillespie. Director of integrated finance of a bank here. Thus, for your indulgence and assistance (morally and financially), i propose a 45% share of the total amount to you after the transfer has been successfully effected.
Kindly, state your interest by replying to; , and i shall furnish you with details and procedures preceding the transfer. I will appreciate that your phone number is also sent as you write to me in compliance to my offer and henceforth, make sure your email is checked more often for updates.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Mike Gillespie.
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