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Wednesday, October 24, 2007



United Nations Reconciliationcommittee (UNRC) P.0 Box1349 Accra , Ghana .This is from the United Nations Reconciliationcommittee (UNRC) Accra , Ghana. Attention: Due to the petitions received by UN former Secretary-General Kofi Annanfrom all over the continent in regards to the fraudulent activitiesgoing on in the West Africa sub-region with the westren money union transfer, here in GHANA. However, Mr. Koffi Annan who is a Ghanaian citizen came home on the13st February 2007 and set up this committee with sole aim of settlingall these anomalies. The UNRC West Africa zone has its Annex office in Accra and I Barister.Edem Tomson of the (BARRISTER UNION OF GHANA) was duly appointed chairman to oversee the RELEASE OF THE MTCN TO THE RIGHTFULL PERSONIt has come to our knowledge just this morning when we took theHEADQUATER AND SOME BRANCHES OF THE WESTERN UNION MONEY OFFICS unaware with the INTERPOL OFFICERS ATTACHED to this committee and recover SOME MTCN SLIP which one is bearing your name and contacts with which we are reaching you. Note that so far so good we have satisfied sixteen of our clients, sixof them in the United States , Three in Australia , Two in France, Onein India and One in Fiji and Three in Switzerland. Every MTCN SLIP goes through due process before sending andthat we have done in your own case. After due process your MTCN SLIP, we got to know that your MTCN SLIP contained (10.5m euro), and this as a matter of fact terms has its terms and condition of SENDING TO YOU.We will only send to you on UNRC conditions as follows: 1) 5% to Charity home of your choice which the UNRC will be signatory to. 2) 5% to Tsunami Victims 3) 5% to United Nations which will be paid to UN HEADQUATER in NEW -YORK Note, this condition and terms will be paid after SENDING of your MTCN SLIP. Any further delay will be the pleasure of the UNRC to use your fund to help the people who have been displaced in Darfur, Sudan Africa which you can see in this site and the Tsunami's victims in Asia. We are working according to the constitution binding this committee as well as helping the less privilege through this means. so you are advised in your own interest to Stop any communication with any body for now because your MTCN SLIP Are under our custody which we shall send to you In your nominated address . Finally, if you agree on the UNRC conditions as stated above then youwill be required to register with the committee with a sum of (350.50 euro) After your payment is confirmed you will be required to furnish to this committee with an address of choice where the MTCN SLIP,coming to you within 6hrs.

WWW.WESTERNUNION.COM The Receiver's name is your name your ID, this is the information.Senders name AMAL DASS ADAIKALASAMYMCTN ....3916377241Amount $5000 euroQuestion .... ????? Answer ....... ??????. As soon as you register with the unrc you will be given the text questionand the text answer, immediately your payment is have pay the money to our financial secretary on his name (OGHENERO DANIEL).
Please reply this email to the chairman of the committe with his emaill adress below;;
( Regards to you.Helen MensahSecretary (UNRC) And Barr Edem TomsonChairman (UNRC).+233-207-894-678

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