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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reply back as soon as you read mail Thank you


Hello Honorable sir,

My name is Mr. Kofi Ameyah I am the head of operations for western Union money transfer In Lome Togo and Accra Ghana.
I am contacting you on the request of one young gentleman.

He came to my office today with a document that has you as a foreign beneficiary to a fund of 14.8 million dollars which
is kept in a bank account here in Ghana, and has been trying to transfer the money abroad but to no avail.

He complained that for some time now, he has been trying to get this funds to you without any good results and he only ends
up been cheated by different people here in Ghana.
He wants to me use my office as the operations manager of western Union money transfer to send you the amount of money stated above.

I listened carefully and decided to help, but my problem is that it is not possible to send money through western union from Ghana.
But only through Lome, I would have taken the money to Lome so I can send to you, but it is not possible to take that amount of money over the border to Lome, Togo because we may face the same problem of transferring money through bank to bank in another country.

So now, we have only one option, which is very feasible and quick also.

what I will do is that, I will have to put in an application to transfer money from Ghana,due to a special case, and this application must be approved by the Top managerial Level Based at Western Union's global headquarters in Englewood, Colo. USA.

As soon as you write back to acknowledge receipt and readiness to continue with the transfer. I will work with you on how to acquire the TRANSFER GREEN PERMIT CERTIFICATE so that I can be able to transfer money from here in Ghana
and also require you to send me 4 names with which i can send the money to you.

I will wait for your urgent response.

Thank you.

Best Regards
Mr Kofi Ameyah
Westen Union Office

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