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Friday, October 26, 2007




This letter would definitely come to you as a surprise owing to the fact that you and I have never had any prior communication My names are CHARLES HARBERT MCKAY. I am an Australian but presently in United Kingdom. I write to know if you will be interested in working with me on a deal that can make us millionaires if we can be sincere with each other as well as having mutual respect for one another.

This is a deal that can run for several years without being unveiled if only we can keep our secrets between just the two of us, and without showing off our wealth to attract undue attentions. I am an IT expert who have devised a means of siphoning funds from huge deposits of Saddam Hussein’s loot in a bank in Jersey, Channel Island. I am capable of juggling through the bank’s database and make transfers by both swift and plastic means (Debit and ATM Cards) without being noticed by any known bank security device. I have built a network that makes use of the OFX-Connect of i2cbank Electronic Transaction Processing and Personal Financial Management (PFM) equipments/applications. This Network was built around a secure e-commerce transaction SSL Certificates that enables up to 256-bit encryption including Signing Technologies, Identity Verification Developer Solutions and Anti-Phishing Tools to enhance smooth and undetectable transactions. This is a risk free deal, which can never be traced to anybody because it is strictly online transactions, which shall be strictly done using the proper codes, encryptions, holograms and embossments. There is US$500,000,000.00 in the said account but we can keep each Transaction as low as US$25,000 and done three times in a week, which gives us a weekly return of US$75,000. We can increase the transaction volume/amount as we progress in the deal. We should be able to siphon more than US$300,000,000.00 from this account and without being traced to us. Please let us execute this deal because this tyrant and his lieutenant’s loots during his dictatorship in Iraq was so much as you can see in some British Broadcasting Corporation news/reports here;

Following the execution of Saddam and current confiscation of his assets and properties, the said bank is about sitting on this money because the account is coded. But I have been able to decode and burg into it using my soft wares.

Please do indicate your position through a return mail so that I can update you further. The sooner we commence this deal the better. Please if you are skeptical about anything just feel free to ask for further and more detailed explanation/clarifications on my winning strategies and why I am so sure of being successful in the deal.