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Friday, October 26, 2007


From: Mal Nuhu Ribadu -

THE DESK OF ECONOMIC ,AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION,21 WASI ROAD,ABUJA-NIGERIA. Attn: Beneficiary , Following the protest from your government, International Community, World Bank and IMF as well as our President UMARU YAR-ADUA instructing us to investigate and make payment of all outstanding debts due for payment which your name has been boldly indicated in our records as submitted from all parastatal of government, banks and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). In line with our investigation, we find out that you have been dealing with non officials of the bank, ministry and International Credit Settlement which had contributed to the delay in your payment, so you are advised to quickly STOP all contacts with whoso ever you have been dealing with to avoid further delay and payment termination. Base on the payment policy as instructed by the presidency, you are to re-confirm your information directly to the accredited payment office below: CBN Chairman committe on International Credit Settlement.
APPROVAL PINCODE 2/0720Contact Person: SENATOR ALI MOHAMMEDEMAIL: cbncommittie_500@yahoo.caTel: +234-8056567200 RE-CONFIRM THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Your full name:Home/Office Address:Tel/Fax:Marital Status/AgeOccupation/positionA Copy of your Identification:
Your's Service,Mal Nuhu RibaduCHAIRMAN EFCCPrivate E-mail:
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