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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


From: Frank Alex -

Dear Friend, How are you today? This is to thank you for your effort to help me in the past. I understand that your hands were tied. Not to worry. I have succeeded in getting the money transferred into the account provided by a newly found friend of mine in India. I am in London with my family presently. To compensate your past assistance and commitments to me, I have made available 10% of the total money which is $1.8M (ONE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED UNITED STATE DOLLARS) cash for you. I made it cash because my account officer advice me to do so, he said that since I will not be around, it will be safe to keep cash than to keep check, because of the validity of the check might expire before you get the check. I have, through the help of my account officer packaged the money in a security proof box. The box was sealed with synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine.It was deposited with PRIME LOGISTICS COURIER COMPANY for safe keeping, as (Sensitive Photographic Film Material), The Company does not know the original contents of the box. What l declared to them as the content is Sensitive Photographic Film Material, I did not declare money to them please. that is what you will mention to them when contacting them. Also, note that I have paid the delivery fee and insurance fee in advance pending the time you will contact them, so you don't have any problem. the only fee they will ask you is their registration fee. I would have paid the money when I am paying for the delivery and insurance fees but they told me that if I pay it then, the consignment will start accumulating demurage for you. so I leave it inorder for you not to pay extra money on it. Below is the Deposit details Deposit Number: PLCC-101-PL45 Sort/Clearance Code: PLC/101-45/P50 Deposit Certificate N0.: 405576 Consignment Description: 1 Box Sensitive Photographic Film Material Depositor: Mr.Frank Alex. Make sure you quote the deposit details well to avoid misinformation.Write a letter of application and quote the deposit details to the given address below. Company:PRIME LOGISTICS COURIER COMPANY BENIN REPUBLIC Contact Person: Dr Innocent Bello(Director) Contact Email:primelogisticcotonou@gmail.comcontact phone number +229 93 92 6991. Forward your FULL NAME, HOME ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER, and register with them for immediate delivery of your package to your door step. Take good care of your self. Regards, MR.Frank Alex.NOTE THEIR MANAGER MRS. AMAKA UDOMA, IS A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF MY FAMILY, SHE WILL GIVE YOU SPECIAL ATTENTION IF YOU MENTION MY NAME TO HER. HAPPY CHEERS!!!!!
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