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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For your kind Assistance

From: peteruche -

Good Day,

It's my pleasure to inform you that your past efforts and kind assistance to
see that I dully transfered the Fund will not be totally ignored though, you
did not see to the final remittance of the fund. A friend of mine from Korea
did assisted to the final and succeffull completeion of the Transfer. Now
your compensation fund of $1,500,000.00 (ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND
UNITED STATE DOLLARS)certified bank draft which I keep for you has been
converted to Physical cash through the help of the issuing bank as it has
delayed more than necessray and to avoid expiriation of the Certifified Bank
Draft ,that's why your fund had been packaged in a consignment and it will
be delivered to you as a cash payment by the diplomats withouth the Diplomat
knowing the real content of the Consigment because I did declear African
Fabrics as it contents with valve tag of US$1.5M.

However your consignment containing your fund has been registered as African
Fabrics with Diplomatic Courier Service Company Cotonou,Benin Republic for
immediate despatch and onword delivery of your consignment to your
destination.You are required to contact the Diplomatic Courier Service
Company Cotonou,Benin Republic for immediate delivery of your consignment to
your home address as they are waiting to hear from you to receive the
information, where to have your Consigment delivered to your address. You
should reach them with this information below:

Attn: Mr.Charles Morgan
2/4 honvo jacques route

Below is the consignment registration number CON/5478/AF/AD/07. You are
required to include it in your mail which you will send to the diplomatic
company.If you have any identification ,you can send it as well. As soon as
you receive your consignment inform me. For your information do not disclose
the content of the box to the company as it was registered as AFRICA FABRIC
Mr. Peter Uche