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Monday, September 17, 2007


From: Mr Lamptey -

From the Desk:

P.M.B 1113.


Compliment of the day!

First and foremost,i will like to introduce myself to you,am Mr. Lamptey Kwame personal assistance to the foreign/internal affair in the present regime in my country.

I am contacting you for the sake of some consignment that some group of people wants to traffic to Asia who were cought at the international airport and other cought at the Boarder going to the republic of Togo and been recovered from other parts of the world by a committee that is been setup by the President in Collaboration with Foreign/Internal Affair Ministry here in my country After much interrogation they now mention that you are the bona fide owner of these consignments.

So, The President has given mandate that all consignments that are been held/seized at the airport and that are under the custody of CEPS should be delivered as soon as possible,and one of the major reason is that we want to see that we could eradicate or rather minimize the rate of corruptions and want to retain his cordial and international relationship with his foreign bodies at large during his regime.

Allot of foreigners are sending in petition to our office and other para status of Govt Offices now that their consignments is been held/seized for just one reason or the other.

At the Point of recovering some of the Consignment, they where unable to recover all of the Paper covering the consignment. So, i will really like to intimate you that if the above email information are yours,you please do get back to us as soon as possible for proof of claim and further information on how to make the delivery to you withing 72 hours.

Please you should try as much as possible give us your full co-operation so that this is done A.S.A.P.

I will implore you to send us your private mobile number so that we can start up with the delivery as soon as possible.Since we have been trying to give you call for the past few days now with the number but to no avail.

For further info please do give me a call,so as to give you other details.
I hope to hear from soon.
Ready to serve you better

Thanks for Yours Understanding and Co-operation

Mr.Lamptey Kwame.



Dir : Mr.Lamptey Kwame.
Company : Royal Trust Insurance .Security Company.
Motto : Maximum Trust.

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