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Monday, September 17, 2007

Message From The President

From: REROCKSneorrcom -

Fund Officer
Nadace OS Fund Praha
Seifertova 47
Praha 3, CZ-130 00.


To Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Program, The Nadace OS Fund In
Conjunction With The Economic Community For West African States,

Nations Organization And The European Union Is Giving Out A Yearly
Donation Of (Three Million United States Dollars) To just 2 Lucky

The Objective Is To Make A Notable Change In The Standard Of Living Of
People All Around The Universe (From America To Europe, Asia To Africa
And All Around). The Nadace OS Fund Has Been Assured Of Highest
Organization Standard Courtesy Of The United Nations. It Is Our Belief
That We Can Achieve A Great Positive Change In The General Welfare Of
TheUniverse Through This Program. That Is Why The Foundation Is Doing
Everything Possible To Get All Recipients Notified Of Their Donation.

Based On The Random Selection Exercise Of Internet Websites And
Millions Of Supermarket Cash Invoices Worldwide, You Were Selected
AmongThe Lucky Recipients To Receive The Award Sum Of (Three Million
United States Dollars) As Charity Donations/aid From The Nadace OS
Fund, ECOWAS, EU And The UN In Accordance With The Enabling Act Of
Parliament.(Note That Beneficiary Email Addresses Were Selected
Randomly From Over 100,000 Internet Websites Or a Shop's Cash Invoice
in your vicinity In Which You Might Have Made A Purchase From).

You Are Required To Fill The Form Below And Email It To Our Executive
Secretary via co-ordinates stated Below. Please Endeavor To Quote Your
Qualification Number (O-216-7271-S-070-10) In All Discussions.


Mr. Del Montero
OS Secretary,
Nadace OS Fund Praha
Seifertova 47
Praha 3, CZ-130 00.


Dr. John Thomas