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Monday, May 07, 2007

I requests your co-operation. (NEPAD

From: Mr.Dan Mbalula -

Good Day.

I am Mr. Dan Mbalula, the Head of Operations Unit; Diamond Producers of Africa (DPA) under The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).I requests your co-operation in this confidential project of cash money amounting to total sum of Thirty-Two Million.

My colleague and I secured this fund during the course of our duty in the case of Six Hundred-Million Dollars Conflict Diamond in Angola, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sierra Leone and Liberia. Our duty covers many financial activities/responsibility. Due to our sensitive position and civil code of conduct, which does not allow us to own or operate foreign bank accounts and many other rigorously benchmark, we seek your cooperation in this deal to externalize this fund.

We will provide the necessary logistics for this project if you are interested in this deal, please reply to my personal mailbox:, I will give you all the documentations including details for the transaction. I want to assure/guarantee you that this deal has been structured for a hitch free and successful transaction without any risk. The fund is not a governmental fund and untraceable by any persons. This transaction will be structured with legal documentation to cover the fund; met with all international regulations regarding fund transfer.

Finally, I will give you a quarter of the total sum as your commission for your corporation. While I waits for your reply along with your details.

Yours sincerely.

Dan Mbalula