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Thursday, October 19, 2006


From: sgt robert h west -

Dear Friend,

This mail will definitely be coming to you as a surprise,but i must crave
your indulgence to introduce myself to you. I am Sgt. Robert H West , an
american soldier,currently serving in the third infantry division in Iraq. I
am currently in Kuwait on duty break. I and my partner, secretly moved some
abandoned cash in a mansion belonging to the former president, Saddam Husein
and the total cash is 25million USD.As I write this letter to you, this box
is here with me in cash as I secretly moved it out of Iraq to Kuwait. You do
not have to be afraid of anything as no one else knows about this and
everything is safe.

I would be pleased and grateful to you if you could assist us in receiving
this box for us on your behalf as I will be heading back soon to camp in
Iraq to join my collegues. Of course, I will give you some money for your
efforts. We have limited time now, kindly get back to me immediately.

Moving the funds out of here is not going to be much of a problem as
arrangements are being made towards that. All I want from you is your trust
and assurance that if the box gets to you, you can keep it in a safe place
until our arrival. I have to stop here for now ,please reply me through this
email address for security as your
response will determine our subsequent corresspondence.

Please feel free to dis-regard this proposal if it is not in line with your
principles and please do not expose us and for security reasons.

In God we trust,

Sgt. Robert H West