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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Urgent Response

From: victor williams -

Dearest Friend in the Lord

It took me time and the divine intervention of the Lord to write you this mail as we have never had any correspondence before. My name is Rev. Father Victor Williams a Catholic priest, I am very much interested in a relationship with you for our mutual benefits as I have access to what is needed but lack the experience and not in a position to perfect its use.

There is an urgent need for me to contact you as I recently have been granted an opportunity to have access to US$8,500,000.00 (Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only). Access to this fund is made available by a woman, who happens to be a member of my parish and she is well known in this community.

Unfortunately she has been living and struggling with breast cancer for almost 2 years now. Though she is unmarried, she has a 12year old daughter and I have been responsible for her care since the outbreak of her horrible dilemma. She has been through a first operation, and though she is to undergo a final operation within the next few days, the doctors have not given her much of a chance to live. She is not aware of this fact and she stills remains hopeful that something positive can be done in her case. Based on my last discussion with her yesterday afternoon on the future of her daughter should she not be so lucky, she insisted that the fund should be invested.

Unfortunately I'm definitely not in a position to run things, which is why I seek your assistance in taking control of managing the fund. I have resolved with her on an agreement that will be drawn up by you on a yearly charge that will be paid to you for taking control and managing the fund while half of the fund will be given for the development of cancer treatment centre while the rest sum will remain with you for the up keep of her daughter. I wish you could be of assistance to this course and I'd like to add that sometimes I receive unsolicited mails, so I hope my mail doesn't come as an embarrassment to you, but if it does please kindly accept my apologies.

Awaiting your response,

Yours in Christ,

Rev Victor Williams

From Rev.Victor Williams
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