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Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Dear our honourable Beneficairy,

Reports on fraud, Defalcation of Approved Foreign Payment, Abuse of offices and various Financial Irregularities adopted by Top Government and bank executives here in our country "Nigeria" has prompted the Federal Government of Nigeria to appoint only our Bank; First Bank of Nigeria (PLC) to find lasting solutions to these lingering problems that had tend to bastardize the good image of the nation. Suffice to say, files and all Documents relating to Foreign Affairs have been handed over to our Bank for due scrutiny.

You are reading from me as regard the above mentioned problems that have long deny you your ability to make claims to your Approved Payment as a result of gross misconduct and illicit act exhibited in the past by top officials in various institutions. You are among the beneficiaries we have so far discovered by records and it become mandated to reach you on this available medium we are able to retrieve from the submitted files of Stake-Holders who have not been cleared for one payments or the other and the Bank is ready to Transfer the approved payment to any country of your choice when you have replied this mail.

Due to the purported corruption by the officials/banks here that pose menace and difficulties to the foreign beneficiaries, all power have been vested on my bank by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) under my co-ordination to release all international payments. Also, due to reported cases of corrupt practices in other Nigeria Banks including the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Federal Government has revoked and cancelled withdrawn all rights given to those banks and have appointed our bank (First Bank of Nigeria PLC) to make all long overdue foreign payments unconditionally.

Now your fund has been in this bank unclaimed because the officials you have been previously dealing with have refused to tell you the truth on how to claim your fund because of their special and selfish interest to use the interest accumulated from your fund every year to enrich their selves and amass their wealth in pursuit to their Political aspiration without your knowledge.

I want to help you pull out this fund to your bank account using the easiest and the quickest method, which have not been made known to you before.By this method, you will open a domiciliary account with my bank (First Bank of Nigeria) your fund would be lodged into this domiciliary account and your fund will be paid in directly to any bank of your choice. After the transfer, you will confirm the fund in your bank account within 5-hours same day. No Cost of Transfer (COT) and no stoppage from any Government departments as the transfer will be done within the bank alone and it is very safe.

The method that was introduced to you before is the Telegraphic Transfer (TT) for which confirmation was 48hrs, because of the limited time factor,petitions could come from various organizations stopping your payment and asking you to pay huge fee which would be difficult for you to pay so that they can benefit from the huge interest your fund generates while stll in the Bank. This method is not safe for you because it is not done within the bank alone as information of the payment would be sent to the Central Control Unit (CCU) of the Federal Ministry of Finance and office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

As a Man of dignity, I have nothing to gain by keeping your fund, I want to assist you receive your fund. You have to follow up and work with me now, so keep this very confidential because of fraudsters and impostors who go about presenting various bank accounts in order to divert another beneficiary's fund. You are equally advised to confirmed the following information to me viz: Payment Particulars alongside with your full banking information,Amount expected, Phone and Fax, scan copy of your international passport/driver's license for confirmation of your payment. Reply us through this mail for more details.





NOTE: You are advise to contact us through this email