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Friday, August 03, 2007

Good day to you

From: Nikolaos Tsarouchis -

Hello My Friend Good day to you, I sincerely believed that you can help me do this Charity work since I assumes it is my last resolution. I want you to read this below mail carefully and help me to carry out this humanitarian aid which will cost you nothing but rather bring blessing to your family.

My name is Nikolaos Tsarouchis, I am 65 years old, former Brigadier General of the Hellenic Air Force and Greek by Nationality, I served as a technical attachee to the military with the Third Infantry Division in Iraq. Three years ago, we discovered some huge amount of money in Baghdad neighbourhood belonging to Saddam Hussein with the collaboration of a Command Sgt. late Maj. Edward C. Barnhill of the 431st Civil Affairs Battalion, we smuggled part of these funds in two trunks boxes out of Baghdad, which is being kept safe in a Security Cargo Outfit in Europe through the assistance the regional Coordinator with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). You can go to this web link to read about events that took place here:
Basically, am writing to you due to the situation I found myself with serious Lung Cancer and can not return back to Greece again because I was among the five US soldiers questioned by military officials after some of that money was allegedly stolen, as I have absconded from US military and am now in Sick Bed in Monaco without hope of surviving the Sickness. I endulged in a lot of indecent things brought by the effect of the war, I found no peace anymore in where I am right now with serious Lung Cancer but need this peace of mind. Few Days ago a Priest from the Vatican came to the sick bed to pray for the sick ones in which I narrated my past to him inorder to have forgiveness of sins from the Almighty God for the inhuman atrocities I committed. The priest adviced that if I really want to have peace with God that I should return the funds to the Irakis or otherwise donate all the money to the poor through any Charity Organisation in the world. I have decided and chosen to donate the funds to the Poor through any Charity Organisation as was adviced by the Priest from the Vatican.

Due to my health problem which is geting worse recently, I decided to look for someone like you and solicit your help to carry out this Humanitarian work by helping me retrieve this fund in Diplomatic Security Cargo Company in Europe and disburse it to the poor through the Charity Organisation in the world of your choice. Each Box contained ($6,000.000.00) Six Million United States Dollars. I do not want any money from this funds rather than donating it to the poor as was adviced by the priest from Vatican so that I can have forgiveness of sin from the God Almighty. In honesty, after claiming these two trunk boxes from security company in Europe, you shall have 30% of the total funds, disburse 70% to Four Reliable Charity Organisations of your choice on Earth. I will send you all the necessary documents relating to this deposit of this fund with the Diplomatic Security Cargo Company to enable you lay claim to these two boxes on my behalf as soon as I hear from you.

This Transaction is a risk free because all facts and files concerning this fund as well as Saddam Hussein case has been closed after handing over the Civilian government in the country. My watch word is to trust you and ensure confidentiality, when you receive this letter, kindly reply to tell me the possibilities for you to receieve this fund so that I can make all the necessary arrangement that will enable you freely lay claim on this fund and generate accordingly to the needy. Truly Yours,
Nikolaos Tsarouchis
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