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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


From: Akume Osamuzua -


My names are Akume Osamuzua younger brother to late Pius Akume.I am a native of Ajani in Bayelsa State Nigeria. My elder brother Pius is one of the Militant of Niger-Delta here in Nigeria (please note that this organization is a volunteer group that opposes the Federal Government of Nigeria because of their failure to help or provide the basic amenities for the inhabitant of the Niger-Delta).

My brother was killed in a bloody encounter between the militant (the Niger-Delta group) and Nigerian army in which nine of them were killed .The federal government now decided to seize all my brothers valuables both home and abroad and other eight among the victims.

But due my brother intention to move from Nigeria to Europe for safety, deposited money in Europe, the name of Security company and country deposit shall be withheld for security reasons until we come to agreement.

Thus all I want from you is your assistant to get the money out of the Security company because I don't want to present my identity due to we are under surveillance here in Nigeria. All documents regarding to transfer will be change to your with the help of our family Attorney a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and is a hinge free process and hope you are not going to betray me.

Please reach me through my private email

Yours truly,

Akume Osamuzua.

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