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Monday, July 30, 2007

FromMr James Addo

From: Mr James Addo -


I am Mr.James Addo an consultant with one of the banks in my country GHANA.I got your esteem contact address during my search for any relation to my client an Engineer with one of the oil companies in my country.

The reason for contacting you was due to the similarity in your name.The newly appointed director of my bank has ordered that we should compile the list of dormant account to enable the bank confiscated and forwarded to the nation's treasury account as an unclaimed fund.

I have decided that instead of loosing the whole money to the bank,I will rather donate the money to any charitable organization in your country such as homeless and motherless homes,for children up bringing and some other related organization.

If you are interested to assist me,I will give you the contact of my bank head office so that you will contact the bank with the statement of account of the fund, which I will send to you as soon as you respond.

With the assistance of an insurance company to the Engineer,the money was approved for claim. All I need to do is to include your name as a relation to the Engineer.(Next-of-kin) The amount involved is $9m dollars,(Nine million dollars)only.

I had resolved to share the money as follows: 30% for me,30% for you and 30% for the charity organisation.10% for expenses.Do please send me your full name,contact address, personal telephone and mobile numbers for easy communication and understanding.

I await your urgent responds.

Thanks Mr.James Addo
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