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Tuesday, June 05, 2007



Hello Dear,
How are you in general? I hope all is well if so praise be to God. My name
is Nichole Price I have some information to disclose and I assure you will
be delirious after hearing this, it?s conceivable that i might not be alive
due to my disease (melanoma) cancer. Right now i am in china where I went
to see if i could find a good and effective herb that could heal me to no

I went on a research for animals in Sierra Leone and fortunately for me i
found this treasure box which contains precious stones. During this period,
some militants in Sierra Leone felt I was not supposed to take it and they
conspired against me. As a result, I moved the treasure to a neighboring
country Nigeria where I kept it with an assurance company. This company helped
me in legalizing it and issued some documents which can help me defend the
treasure if the need arises (the documents are safely kept in the treasure
Well I wouldn?t like to reveal too much but all you need do is to contact the Assurance officer in charge and tell
him that I (Nichole Price) assigned you to collect the treasure. I didn?t
do this earlier because I wanted the value of the treasure to appreciate
over the years but unfortunately, the discovery of my illness has drastically
hindered my ability to search for a befitting person to claim this treasure.
This is my last property i have left as i have willed the rest to different
people in the world who showed their gratitude and also prayed for me every
day. For the delivery officer to believe you, here are some necessary details
of me which you have to put down when you contact the officer. (Codes and
password) also note that I have paid the assurance company the premium fee,
but he will charge you for delivery fee.

Treasure owner> Nichole price
Password> Canadian lady
Secret Code > Ei257pd
Secret Question> who am I
Secret Answer> an Orphan

Without these details you can?t receive the treasure or get a reply from

When you collect the treasure, I want you take 10% of it and give 90% to
any charity home or motherless babies home of your choice most especially
in Asia and Africa because I was really touched to see such awful living
conditions when i went there