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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


From: zongo usman -

Attention please,
I am Mr.ZONGO USMAN a minner working with the federal ministry of natural resources of my country.Life in the mines is quite a dangerious one as some of us sometimes die in the mines while the government and its cohorts enjoy the proceeds at the expense of our lives.
To this effect therefore,some of us who have the mind have decided to steal 250 kilos of 22 karat gold(both gold bars and alluvial gold dust are available) Sell it and run to foreign countries with our families.The price of the gold is $6000 per kilo.
Considering the secracy involved in this kind of deal,we are scared to contact anyhow person.But,we have contacted you with the hope that you will keep the secrecy at the sametime assist us to either sell the gold or buy it from us. This is our last opportunity and we are not ready to lose it. If you are serious and ready to buy from us or assist us in getting capable buyers. kindly show your interest by replying this mail to this mail id or its alternative as shown below. For security reasons we will at this time communicate via e-mail considering the security reasons involved until we know actually that you are with us then we will give you a contact telephone number.
We have to inform you that some top officials of the mines are involved and will assist to produce all necessary documents which will back upthe gold as one that has legally and directly bought from the ministry of gold and natural resources. This therefore makes this a 100% risk free deal.
Get back to us as quickly as possible so that we will move the gold out in alluvial dust or bars depending of the one that you will need.
Waiting to hearing from you soon.
Mr.ZONGO USMAN Burkina Faso West Africa
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