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Saturday, June 02, 2007


From: iso-8859-1?q?93658748=2000229 -

Hello  Friend ,   My name is Mary Chavez from Liberia Rep. I am 25 years old .I love singing,Fiting,Climbing a Mountain;Fishing;Out spoken;Lovely and Kind. Iam the only Child of my Parents My Dad,Work in an Oil Company while my Mum Works with Bank.Just B/4 i lost both of them,In a HARMED-ROBBERY Incident here not long time ago;I decided to go out from my;Country just because of what my Fathers Family planing to do with my Fathers Houses,Including all his wealth.Since all this being happening;I decided to do something with a Forigner just to Help me to Invest/Establish in His /Her Country.Iam assuring you that;You will never loose anything that you are doing with me,Just to help me to Safe Guard;This Fund before something else.Iam presently in Benin Republique .But the fact is that;Iam happy since i succeeded with all the Document that concern this Fund.Those people;Dosent know about this Cash which he Depossited in Europe.But if i never go out from there;Just because of the Houses and other little thing;Maybe i will loose everything
This is my main reassons for going out from the Country.Pls help me to Safe Guard this,$10,200,000,u,sd. ( Ten Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars) 30% of this Fund will be For you after the Transactions.  Email me with : God bless you for hearing my cries Best regards. Mary.

Desde el principio me gustó.. y luego, amor a primera vista