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Saturday, May 12, 2007


From: ahmad jassim -

Radiy Allahu Anhu,

My name is Dr Ahmad Jassim Muhammed Al-Azzawe from Argentina,i used to work with shell petroleum in Nigeria were i am presently undergoing treatment and was also a major investor in offshore oil Riggs until recently when i was crippled by stroke which left half of my body paralyzed and i has undergone several text and treatment but all not avail.

For the past Six years i have been looking for a miracle and spiritual cure but all not avail as well, recently my doctor told one of the workers in the hospital that he doubt if i will make it i have no close relative around, the only person i have which happens to be my distant cousin of mine Mrs Sara Left to Australia for over 8 years ago and since then i haven't seen her neither do i have her postal address.

I have surrendered my life to Almighty Allah,so i am now a born again Muslim, i know that you might ask yourself how i got your email address i was led by Allah to contact you and i strongly have faith that you are the right person to handle this project, before i depart from this world i would want you to set up an orphanage foundation in my name in your country and also donate the rest of my wealth to the Islamic Organizations motherless since my wealth would not be use full for me again,i seek for your wiliness and with the help of my doctor Mr Rashid Wale you both can achieve and make my dream to come true.

My account balance presently totaling $12.8M as was reflected in my last statement account from my bank account i have in Nigeria and i wish you use this fund to finance the project as i don't power on my own to do carryout this mission.

Insya,Allah in return of this mail please include your contact information's so that Mr Rashid Wale will found it easy to contact you, feel free to contact Mr Rashid Wale if you need more informations ( +234-8080220785 ) in all aways remember that just one day we all will die and face our creator for judgment after our staying on earth.


Yours Brother

Dr Ahmad Jassim Muhammed Al-Azzawe.
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