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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Read Carefully {Please

From: jimmy taylor -

Dear Mr. /Mrs. whom it concern.

I will like to introduce my self to you. My name is JIMMY J.TAYLOR, the youngest son of CHARLES G.TAYLOR, formal president of {Liberia Africa}, who started ruling {Liberia Nation} during the year {17th of March 1997}, and was really find as a wrong ruler in the sight of other executive members, also was laid many kinds of crimes on him, and he left his presidency site and also took I and my younger sister {LUARA M.TAYLOR} to {Cross River State, Calabar, Nigeria} where I school at {Hope Waddell Training Institute}, living in the school as a boarder right now as I write you.

Furthermore, I will appreciate you to read and understand carefully why I contact you at this fact. CHARLES G. TAYLOR, my kind father was captured last year being {30th March 2006} at a boundary between {Cameroon and Nigeria} try to make a trip to
{Switzerland} and was also took back to {Liberia} for judgment of the crimes they said he committed, as for me; I all see my father as a good and loving kind father to me and my younger sister.

But I and my sister is still in {Cross River State, Calabar, Nigeria} schooling. It came to happen that my father CHARLES G. TAYLOR, deposited a sum of {$22.7M USD, Twenty Two Million and Seven Hundred thousand United State Dollars} only on my name JIMMY J. TAYLOR, in {United Arab Emirate Security Company}, with the {AFFIDAVITIS OF CLAIM PROOF ORDER} that the fund should be release to me any day of my life I call for the money as my savings.

Now my problem is that I am still in the school rounding up with difficulties of lack of money and many things necessary to me, in the strange country {Nigeria} with my younger sister, based on the absence of my father CHALSE

For your kind Mr. /Mrs. I am a boy of 19 years old, and have so many times trying to call my money, and they said that this transaction require personality before my fund should be release to me in the {U.A.E. Security Company, and I do not longer have my attorney since we left {Liberia}.

Please Mr. /Mrs. I will like better, if you will be so sincere and kind to me, by helping me to accommodate my money, based on the fact that I don't have any Bank account that will save this money for me, and cannot not process this fund with my situation of being in the school and being a young youth.

I thereby seek your PARTNERSHIP, to enable me have my fund, and invest on it so that, I and my younger sister will not lack as my father has made it.

I will like the percentage (%) of our partnership to be 40% for you and 60% for me to avoid
having bad mind for one and another at the end of the transaction, becuase without your help; I cannot not be able to claim this money on my present situation.

Please if you have accepted to proceed with me, and need more information about my affidavitis of clam, and the security company in {U.A.E, Asia}, for this fund of {$22.7M USD} contact me via my e-mail.
Thank you for your understanding.


Jimmy J.Taylor. The average US Credit Score is 675. The cost to see yours: $0 by Experian