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Monday, October 08, 2007

Your Urgent Reply Needed

From: Maxwell Viszoki -

From the Desk of
Maxwell Viszoki
Merck & Co Inc Uganda

Dear Friend,

After due consultations with my partners I was mandated to contact you.We
need your assistance and we need it very urgently too.

Our Company widely known as "MERCK AND COMPANY" is entangled in $2.3
billion tax settlement dispute with Internal Revenue Service, United
States Of America.(click on the below news website for information on
this matter),,id=167773,00.html

At present we believe that the non resolution will have a material
adverse effect on the company's financial position or liquidity.

Hence as present we decided to seek help from you to enable us use your
company account to receive the total sum of $75million Dollars sales
supply proceeds from the Government of Uganda in EASTERN AFRICA.

I received your contact email confidentialy from a friend who is a
chartered Accountant,I was informed and assured that you are a very
trusted and reliable

Our intentions are good because we want to avoid further tax disputes
until we settle our matter with IRS.Please if you are interested in
helping us,you will retain 5% of the total fund received for your

Please send me your confidential contact email,telephone and private fax
number for more information.

This is a highly confidential matter.

Best Regards
Maxwell Viszoki
Merck & Co Inc Uganda